Top Coloring Books

With over 10,000 adult coloring books out there on the market today, it can be hard to figure out what some of the best ones are. We’ve sorted through the reviews, ratings, and prices to come up with a listing of our top selections.

Enchanted Forest

Journey through a forest and experience all of the magical creatures along the way.

Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book
$5.55 $15.95
Fall under the spell of the #1 New York Times Bestseller!This magical coloring book by Johanna Basford takes colorists through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle. Similarly interactive like SECRET GARDEN, ENCHANTED FOREST also features hidden object...
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Creative Cats

A variety of cats to color detailed with unique patterns.

Owls Coloring Book

Dozens of owls to color detailed with flowers, paisleys, and more.

Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book
More than 30 fanciful full-page illustrations depict the wisest of birds in lush, tapestry-like settings. Covered with flowers, paisleys, and other fun-to-color patterns, these adorable owls are posed against vivid backgrounds brimming with intricate designs. Pages are ...
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Dream Doodles

Hidden images are scattered throughout these 28 beautiful pages.

Creative Haven Dream Doodles: A Coloring Book with a Hidden Picture
$2.55 $5.99
Twenty-eight intricate images offer a mind-expanding coloring experience. But there's more here than meets the eye ― look closely to find the bumblebees, teacups, mushrooms, and other surprising figures hidden amid the wild, swirling designs. Answers are included and...
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Beautiful Creatures

48 stunning images of animals in greyscale that you can add color to.

Beautiful Creatures: A Grayscale Adult Coloring Book of Animals
$6.40 $14.95
BEST SELLING PREMIUM QUALITY GRAYSCALE COLORING BOOK.Color over the gray to bring your images to life in this premium grayscale adult coloring book. 48 stunning grayscale images of beautiful animals and creatures of all kinds for you to color Printed one-sided on 100lb...
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Calm the F*ck Down

This is what happens when tongue-in-cheek meets adult coloring.

Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book
$4.50 $5.24
Check out my Five Star Rated Follow Up Book Cheer the F*ck Up - Perfect for those who like their self help with some sass! Calm the F*ck Down is the perfect way to unwind and relax for those with a subversive and irreverent sense of humor. Color the things you can't sa...
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Adult Coloring Book 2

Volume 2 in this coloring book series. Color butterflies, hearts, leaves and more.

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns Volume 2
$7.91 $7.99
Our favorite coloring book company. The Skimm By the same artists that brought you the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Stress Relieving Patterns, Vol. 1. You spoke and we listened! Volume 2 of this beloved bestselling adult coloring book features over 40 lovingly detailed pat...
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Detailed Designs

Intricately designed coloring pages help you find your center.

Detailed Designs and Beautiful Patterns
$4.72 $4.72
The Detailed Designs and Beautiful Patterns Adult Coloring Book is full of original, detailed designs and patterns for you to relax and color. Color the intricate designs and find yourself focused, centered, and at peace. The images are printed on large 8.5 x 11 high qu...
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Color Me Stress-Free

Designs meant to unlock your creativity and reduce stress.

Color Me Stress-Free: Nearly 100 Coloring Templates to Unplug
$3.70 $16.99
The perfect book for stressed-out adults who want to reconnect, simply and easily, with their inner creativity.Work, kids, relationships, meetings, traffic, bills...we are all faced with stress on a daily basis. And sometimes you just need a way to relieve the tension a...
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Patterns, shapes, and doodles that make up larger designs.

Adult Coloring Books: Zentangles
$14.95 $14.95
Adult Coloring Books: Zentangles Adult Coloring PagesRelieve stress through the relaxing art of coloring with these ornamental designs, fun patterns and decorative doodles.Adult coloring books are taking the world by storm, offering a low-key way of managing stress and ...
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Adult Coloring Book

Patterns meant to relieve stress through coloring.

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns
$6.95 $8.45
A #1 National Best Seller on Amazon! Stress Relieving Patterns contains over 30 colorable patterns for novice and advanced color artists alike! A New York Times Best Seller, Stress Relieving Patterns provides for hours upon hours of stress relief, fun and creative exp...
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The Craft of Coloring

A variety of geometric designs that range from simple to complex.

The Craft of Coloring: 60 Geometric Patterns & Designs: An Adult
$6.99 $6.99
The Craft of Coloring is pleased to offer this geometric coloring book for adults. Inside are 60 pages featuring designs ranging from simple and refined to detailed and complex. Each page is single sided to allow you to color without bleeding through to the next desig...
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Animal Kingdom

An intimate and detailed glimpse into the animal world.

Animal Kingdom: Color Me, Draw Me
$3.99 $14.95
The New York Times bestselling coloring book from Millie Marotta—whose books have sold more than five million copies worldwide! Millie Marotta's adult coloring books, always filled with intricate patterning and detail, invite adults and older children to add their pe...
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When animals and cutely bizarre doodles combine, you get Animorphia.

Animorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge
$9.36 $14.00
The amazing New York Times bestselling adult coloring book featuring super-detailed animal images from artist Kerby Rosanes. A coloring book like you've never seen before—perfect for colored pencils or crayons!Known for his popular Sketchy Stories blog, Kerby Rosanes ...
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Relax with intricate and beautifully designed circular art.

$7.50 $11.95
Coloring time is calming time! Best selling coloring book artist Angie Grace invites you to relax and explore the intricate and exquisite world of stress mending circular whimsical art. Stroke by stroke, shade by shade, tension and worries fade away as you transform Ang...
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The Time Garden

A whimsical world of “clock gears, rooftops, starry skies, and giant flying owls.”

The Time Garden: A Magical Journey and Coloring Book
$7.75 $15.99
A dazzlingly beautiful adult coloring book for all ages, The Time Garden will sweep you away into a whimsical cuckoo clock–inspired world, created in intricate pen and ink by the internationally best-selling Korean artist Daria Song. Then, explore the magical world ...
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Tropical World

Enter a tropical landscape complete with lush blooms and exotic animals.

Tropical World: A Coloring Book Adventure
$7.27 $14.95
Lose yourself in a riot of beauty and mindful drawing with New York Times bestselling adult coloring book author Millie Marotta—whose books have sold more than 8-1/2 million copies!! Created by the bestselling author of Animal Kingdom, this is one of the most gorgeou...
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Sweary Coloring Book

Because not all grown-ups are created equal—something for potty mouths.

Outside the Lines

Black and white art from famous illustrators that you can add your touch to.

Outside the Lines: An Artists' Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations
$5.89 $18.00
Now a New York Times bestseller!Just add color! For anyone who loves creativity and contemporary art, or who simply loves the joy of coloring, comes Outside the Lines, a striking collection of illustrations from more than 100 creative masterminds, including animators, ...
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Good Vibes Coloring Book

Whimsical art to unlock your imagination and five you those good vibes.

The Calm Coloring Book

Plants and animals come together for a cute, calming experience.

The Calm Coloring Book: Beautiful images to soothe your cares
$4.14 $7.99
It's official--coloring is good for you. Whatever your age, shading a picture in colors of your choice generates a sense of stillness and wellness. it also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills and creativity. Coloring works as a relaxation technique--calming ...
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Doodle Invasion

Extremely detailed doodles by Kerby Rosanes.

Doodle Invasion: Zifflin's Coloring Book
$9.58 $11.99
The ultimate doodle coloring book. This big sized coloring book is a challenge for all ages.If you are a fanatic doodler and obsessed with filling in and coloring doodles then this is definitely for you.Or you can just admire the detailed art.The book is filled with 50...
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Color Me Calm

Calm and serene scenes to color. Meditate by coloring.

The Time Chamber

Travel with a fairy on her magical journey through time.

The Time Chamber: A Magical Story and Coloring Book
$5.49 $15.99
Korean artist Daria Song’s sequel to The Time Garden takes readers on a visual journey into a magical nighttime world seen through the eyes of a fairy.This is the second adult coloring book in the bestselling Time coloring series, featuring the voyage of a fairy w...
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Mandala Madness

A little different from the others, this is one massive poster.

Secret Tokyo

Ready to embark on a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun?

Secret Tokyo: Color Your Way to Calm
$7.00 $15.99
A coloring book that will relax and inspire--all the while transporting you to the beautiful and elegant Japan.Get your pens out, open this book, and discover Japan. Stop before the shop windows of Tokyo and get lost in the bustle of this futuristic glittering city. Or ...
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